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17.05, on the History Channel, series about the revolutionary Sixties.

A characteristically smug Tariq Ali, talking about Vietnam protest and specifically Grosvenor Sq.: "Oooooh yes, John Lennon later told me that Brian Epstein forbade them from turning up, because he said they couldnt then go and do their big concerts in the USA..."

I'm sorry? 1968? What "concerts" were The Beatles playing at this stage, anywhere? Let's not even go into the fact that Brian Epstein died in ... 1967.

posted by Ian 7/14/2006 05:09:00 PM

counterpunch recently ran a long-forgotten lennon interview from 68 or 69 conducted by t.ali and r.blackburn -- they billed it (basically cokrrectly) as "more interesting than the over-regarded lennon-wenner interview of the same era" but it was mainly interesting for watching the ever-manipulative lennon telling the two wide-eyed political revolutionaries EXACTLY WHAT THEY WISHED TO HEAR --- this is presumably what ali is referencing (the naivety is almost sweet)

a straight line runs from lennon to geldof, in regard to politics -- geldof's posotion also is that when the STAR denounces his own MANAGEMENT, this is a radical blow against the system
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