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My mind was blank - and then I read this apparently unconnected phrase from a day or two ago ("- how did I get here from there?") and it all flooded back in one go: this major major dream I had about or featuring Derrida last night. I'm sure it was full of sage, fatherly or contra-Oedipal advice - but can I remember any of it? No, I cannot. All I can remember are these strange Chinese/Egyptian pictographic photos or representations of Derrida where his face is all feinting sliding smiling lines ...*

Something definitely going on in my U.C. these days; a feed through - a relay link - from all the departed Others ...

And yesterday - how can I put this? - yesterday afternoon, during an afternoon siesta, I had my first ever, uh, dirty lucid dreaming experience ... oh yes, very very haunting erotic set-up and follow-through (so to speak), this deep red velvet & billowing veil mix-up of Celine & Julie Go Boating, Swearengen's brothel in Deadwood and De Sade. (Altho', De Sade not in any S&M-ical sense, but more in the essential theatricality of it all... as tho' Desire were a 'set' we could walk onto or traipse off...**

Starring post-op Kylie as the woman with strange kabalistic symbols taatto'd round her right nipple .... if it had a title it might be 'The Gentle Dominatrix' ... but then again, wouldnt being nice to someone be a surefire way of ensuring you yourself got what you wanted...? I think I recall back in the mists of time I once started writing a vaguely kinky Philip K Dick type allegory about a guy who is haunted by a kind of EMPATH 'Escort' Service woman... who seems to know, in advance, exactly what he likes, wants and desires ... (I'll leave you to supply the relevant allegorical outcome - which will probably say a lot more about you than me, come to think of it...)

But how did bloody Gerard Depardieu get in there? (If I remember rightly, he was skulking outside the window....)

*{ ah... I see... Derrida as the 'face' of grammatology?
**{the 'set' of all phantasies as yet uncontaminated by Real Life consummation?)

posted by Ian 7/14/2006 10:53:00 AM

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