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Only just caught up with Ang Lee's THE HULK this afternoon, on ITV 2.

Now, I know I'm precipitously late on the scene and all, and a flaming hypocrite to boot (re: my dissing Zizeck-ian knee-jerk know-all anlyses of new films, yes yes) but - it is an allegory about the George Bushes, pere & fils, and how this Oedipal legacy has been played out geopolitically in the Middle East, mais oui ou non?

{My only real problem with the film, was that I kept expecting Eric Bana to break out in the unforgettably broad Aussie accent he sported in Chopper - which, coincidentally, I just loved to bits, and looks like being the first 'new release' or contemporary film I actually make a point of tracking down and buying on DVD ...

posted by Ian 7/17/2006 01:31:00 AM


But, more impressively, this is the first review of Hulk I've read that neither makes the joke about "Don't make me Ang Lee" (geddit?) nor bitches about the lame CGI.

Well done.
I didn't think they were "lame' - I thought they were deliberately comic-book flat/odd/uncanny, and found that I preferred this immensely to other hyper "real" FX in superhero and disaster blockbusters. Also, likewise, Bana's performance in early part of film could be said to be a bit dud - but it fits with a character who (at that point) *is* only a shell for some emergent strain of Being within. I liked it, too, that the film *began* with the (rather odd, incestuous) relationship with the Jennifer Connelly cahracter in abeyance. All sorts of little jokes in there too - like when Sam Elliot puts the call in to Washington, it's the Condeleeza character who is "at work" while the Prez is ... gone fishing. Middle eastern music, deserts, and the takeovr of the Pentagon by private contractors ... o, yes, what a cornucopia... ut fun, too. Altho Ihave to admit it has a head start inasmuch as any film with Nick Nolte in already has my heart from the off...
i have a freaky trigger post "on the way"* about the so-far-feeble critical discussion of CGI, which has been buggin me for years (SFX is a practice with a HISTORY and an AESTHETIC ECOLOGY, and the degree to which it is reduced to "OOO AMAZING" vs "This film was all SFX and no substance" is increasingly pitiful)

*(i am announcing these various posts-to-come as a SPUR to force myself to ACTUALLY DO THEM btw)
YES Mark, or pretty soon we will have to assemble a Collected Comments of M Sinker - no, hang on, two part title as per academic norm, so, borrow a code/portal word, thus:
YHXGSPG: The Collected Comment Posts of M Sinker ...

{I had one this morning that *nearly* spelled KABBALAH...!}
Re: Chopper- brilliant film, and in its latter stages captures almost an Australian version of that thing you were on about a while ago: The hidden hellholes of Britain's Hardest Pubs and the like...
Nice interpretation of Hulk as an allegory of Bush dynasty brutality.
The Hulk is a 'bad' movie, but I seem to have watched it more than supposedly 'great' movies. Maybe because its a remake of Paul Schrader's 'Affliction' with added CGI... Nolte's 'crazy' speech to Bana at the end had me rooting for his mad scientist antics... AGUIRRE
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