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This is priceless.
Letcher [see below] mentions a mid-Sixties play called (what else) eh? (written by one Henry Livings, and starring in the original production, Donald Sinden and David Warner), in which a young layabout uses an old dank factory to grow a crop of magic mushrooms - which are accidentally eaten by the factory's workforce, with the result that the factory (echoes of If.... here, Mark) is "destroyed in the ensuing chaos."
I'll let Letcher take up the story.
"Four years later the play was made into a film, Work is a Four Letter Word (1968) ... directed by Peter Hall and a strong contender for the tag of 'worst film ever made'. It is now hard to come by, but one of its few highlights occurs when a young Cilla Black - Liverpudlian pop singer at the time, later doyenne of Saturday evening light entertainment, and now national treasure - clutches a mushroom and with delirious eyes declares that 'God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and its circumference nowhere'.
Has no one thought to sample this momentous and pithy exposition?

posted by Ian 7/15/2006 06:03:00 PM

look at its provenance: Empedocles, Hermes Trismegistus, St Augustine, Pascal, Voltaire, Borges and Cilla!
And the theme tune was covered by The Smiths in their final recording session...
PS And supposedly that was one of the straws that broke Johnny Marr's back: "I didn't join a band to cover fucking Cila Black songs...."
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