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These latest developments in Lebanon are so depressing. It's late and I can't think of anything particularly articulate to say about it all - I've actually had horrible total FEAR dreams about this situation in the last week, about its escalation, its apocalyptic potential. Wasn't the occupation of Iraq supposed to have some kind of "domino" peace effect in the Middle East? Weren't civilians throughout the Middle East supposed to be proffered at least the faint and distant hope of lives made easier and safer? There are times when the world of post-modernist theory and reasoned debate and hopeful discourse we inhabit, just seems a literal and metaphorical world away from this abyssal well of hatred and retaliation and blood debt - there seem to be no connecting fibres whatsoever, none. ( I think that was one of the reasons I walked away from this blog the first time around ... prolonged exposure to 'political' reportage and reading matter just ultimately lowered me into this airless and literally hopeless roomful of mirrors, all of them smeared with blood.)

posted by Ian 7/14/2006 01:06:00 AM

Almost all news media - 'tabloid' and 'broadsheet' alike - discusses international crises with far too much distance. I'd find it 'saner' if Jeremy Paxman started pontificating on the age of chaos and Horus being upon us.

When I heard about the recent Korean missile adventure, I kept thinking 'why don't they report it as DEEPLY WORRYING?' Ditto Bush cosying up to India (itself taking a nasty turn towards racist fundamentalism) with nukes while threatening Iran with force. Ditto the current wave of pre-emptive hostilities across the world

I tire of reading editorials and columns in the broadsheets - the tone that assumes we're discussing reasonable chaps making logical moves. Kettle, Aranovitch et al can't seem to accept the highly irrational and psychopathic nature of geopolitics. Or maybe they share that 'insanity' in a way (nothing crazier than thinking horrific decisions are 'all for the best')? Don't these pundits ever consider HISTORY (ie. what's left after the media consensus has worn off)?

They reserve hysteria and panic for the trivial - teenage crime, cabinet feuds, religious movies, offensive cartoons. I suppose we can all debate with great seriousness cultural kipple, distracting ourselves from the unbearable horrors that refuse to go away... AGUIRRE
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