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pImP MY rIDe

The Pillbox car stereo is currently kaput, so ALL weekend, three very long car journeys, S. has to listen to me repeating the same two words ad infinitum: "I'M BOSSY!" (Given that S. hasn't even heard the new Kelis single, I think it was even more gruelling/perplexing for her to be sitting, for long motorway stretches, next to a 47 year old man who, every few minutes, for no apparent reason, chirped
AH'M - BAW-C!*
But I guess this settles my undecidability in re the new Kelis.

*{ OK, OK, full disclosure yeah yeah, so I ADMIT it OK: I did the hand movements, too.

posted by Ian 8/20/2006 10:41:00 AM

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