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I actually think this is a pretty good song, and if Paris Hilton had even half a voice (or if the producer, whoever it is, was even half interested in framing or treating it to some neat meta pop end) this wouldnt be half bad.

It comes as no great surprise that there IS no memorable voice here (in any sense) - but what is surprising is how flat and awful and betraying-no-thought-whatsoever the accompanying VIDEO is, given that the ONE thing you'd think the girl Paris Hilton would know about is IMAGE and its manipulation.

The video is nearly worth catching, as it features what may be the UN sexiest 'sexy' video 'sex' ever recorded. The hunk who cavorts with a bikini clad surf streaked Hilton has a look on his face - if you can catch it - that is, I dont really know how to put this - it's almost BEYOND boredom. There's a hilarious moment where she's rubbing herself all over him, and the camera pans up to catch his flung back chiselled face - and he looks like he's trying to remember whether he clipped his toenails this morning, or who he lent his IKEA catalogue to. And there's a scene when he is running hs hands through her hair when - if you saw the expression on is face alone, you might presume he was sorting through that week's garbage, trying to decide whether a particular empty soup packet went in the 'PAPER' or 'TINS' recycle pile. Except - no, his face would have more expression.
(His possibly - well almost a 99% certainty, surely - being gay has nothing to do with it. That would wipe out about 5/6 of 'classic' MTV history, surely?)

Paris, meanwhile, is oblivious to the rent-a-hunk, herself lost in a beyond-Lacan representation of guiltless friction-less shiny shiny self love.
(What was it Lacan said about himself... a perfect hysteric? And the perfect hysteric has ... NO SYMPTOMS?)
I dont know how this relates to marK's stuff about Kate Moss, but Hilton may have achieved some transcendental point here where sex has become almost pure fathomless SIGN, and nothing else.
It's a moot point how smart or self-aware Hilton is about/in all this - or whether the two even need to go together any more; or whether the latter might even be an impediment to the former in a 'celebrity' career. I.e., it's not only posible but probably desirable to be the canniest media operator in the world, and have nothing of old fashioned 'self knowledge'.
(Why would you WANT to be 'deep' in a 1-D world? Thus, Hilton is like EDIE without the angst - without the angst, without the drugs, without Otherness, without the avant-gay Chorus, without the highs, lows and hangover. Leaving ...what?* There was this amazing quote from Hilton herself recently, in which - and again, it was completely unclear where "she" was in this quote - she said, 'O, people think I'm this real sex bomb creature, blah blah, but its strange, all my boyfriends say the same thing, that when I'm alone, in private, I'm really disappointingly un-sexual...'

Thus, some kind of beckoning VIDEODROME nightmare, in which only the thought of filming yourself doing it - and watching or showing or posting or packaging it later - can really turn you on.

CLICK sex.

I actually havent seen the infamous Hilton sex tape, but from what I hear the thing that (cough) sticks in the mind, is how fundamentally bored and distracted Hilton seems, as if running through a series of learned 2nd hand moves which SIGNIFY = HOW SEXY WORKS.

(Anyway, I always thought the other sister, Nicky, was far more genuinely sexy.)

*{Altho I guess there is one possible line of enquiry that might take us from Warhol's Factory-line films to the One Night in Paris video; i dont quite have the heart to pursue it, tho...

posted by Ian 8/20/2006 12:45:00 PM

pro-paris rave from poptimism's leading dissident (boy, gay, 20-ish), followed by sceptical discussion from (mostly non-freaky trigger) elements of the popt massive

i quite like her lack of affect as an "expressive" device: nostalgia on my part for an old-skool postpunk trick, really (if she had a nice middleclass brit accent this would be more glaring) (cf flying lizards for example)
the judgement of paris: further wars w/i the popt clan!! bah i never got this response when i endorsed the cråzy frøg >:(
funny, i was comparing her to edie sedgewick the other day- the sad/blank eyes, the sense of the likelihood of imminent doom...
It would be iteresting to somehow cross ref this strand with the Brit 'class' one going on in another comment box. Regardless of 'what you think of her' it is true that Paris brings out a lot of latent media misognyny for her supposed 'empty headedness' - in a way that, say, the empty headedness of Sid Vicious or Liam Gallagher doesn't/didnt. The latter represents, I'm sure, some kind of generational turning point I just couldnt go along with; I thought that in Ryder there was still a pearl of itchy disatisfaction/intel, but the idea that Liam's sub-Joe Lampton reborn act was refreshing and 'natural' made me feel ill. Does this mean my "working class" credentials are therefore suspect? (Paradox: me, as ex working class aesthete, I prefer a strand of 'camp' pop qua Grace Jones to Paris that a middle class properly gay aesthete like Savage would probably abhor and prefer the supposedly more "real" rock n roll rebellion of Oasis. Pick the bitty glittery contradictions out of that one... camp isnt MEANT to LOOK 'real', but it may tell us a lot ABOUT Real life contradictions. I found the spectacle of middle class journos leading around the LIAM act = like that little 'monkey man' Graham Norton leads around in Father Ted, or, perhaps, KASPAR HAUSER.
If women icons/performers appear to signify 'empty headedness' it = fluffy, worthless, death of western civilisation, undermining of the gruff, muscly 'Real' of rock. If boys seem to singify empty headedness, then a certain sort of male middle class journo (and not *necessarily* gay, or, shall we say, not passing, t hee) seems to, er, lap it up. There is obviously a sex vibe here which relates back (i think, distantly) to some other strand that was goin on here briefly, in which 'theatrical' middle class gay ideology of 50s/60s seemed to double the individuals own taste for dockside or Holloway rd toilet 'rough trade'. (Damn: I wish I'd found a way to work the word 'convenience' into that last bit.)
One of the things that's changed massively in both light entertaiment and pop is the relationship with the tabloids... (and i would hazard that P Hilton's 'relationship' with media is far, far more self conscious and self determined than anything Liam G or Shaun R ever had... but i'm not sure I know what that 'means'.
(I (re) read both Joe Orton Dairies AND the EDIE book recently... and there was at least as much 'class' in the latter as the forer. People forget tht Edie's 'doom' was hardwired ito the strange DNA of her weird weird weird hot house upper class family.)

(There has always been an uneasy 'looking across the dancefloor' relationship between 'punk' and 'fashion' which - oh, that is TOO huge a subject for this little box. But if you like, simplistically, the McLaren/Pistols/Clash wing led to Indie dullness and riff conservatism of Oasis et al, whereas the Westwood wing led to The Face and ... sorry; my head is starting to hurt. I need more coffee.
The review of her LP in The Independent was soooo bloody sniffy...

ie ("Tracks to download: You're kidding, right? ") ...that I immediately wanted to check it out.

7 quid in woolworths: I was sorely tempted.
It's like Paris is the 'antichrist' to Charlotte Church, who represents everything Paris ain't ('self-made', religious background, physically robust, fame based on talent, articulate, unlikly to starve herself to death to please celeb mags).
Tellingly, Church seems to be 'sold' to an older audience, one that probably finds the very idea of Hilton replulsive...
This thought occured to me with that trailer that's been on C4 constantly. Funny how the schtick of the trailer attempts to emphasise her 'realness' vs. media image.
Of course it's unlikely that either of them will make the pages of Uncut or Mojo...
The Paris record certainly did make the pages of Uncut - I reviewed it! --ST
Yes, but would you interview her?
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