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call to mind the late Edward Said's pertinent remark, that the Palestinians had become the "victims of the victims" ...

It hasnt been sufficiently noted, but ('neutral') interviews in the last few weeks with both Israeli civilians and politicians have elicited some truly appalling remarks re Palestinians and others, along the general lines of 'they are all insects who should be wiped from the face of the earth'...

Victims of the victims.

posted by Ian 8/11/2006 05:09:00 PM

No need to channel Ms Burchill on the Lebanon

It's so difficult this, because she used to be a (dear) friend. But it's like how she used to go on about being a 'Stalinist' - it (insultingly) bears no relation to anything that might be called history or reality. It is psychopathology and narcissism of such a shallow and LAZY kind it manages to insult the memory of just about EVERYONE involved. Take this from the Ha'aretz piece: "The catastrophe he refers to is the State of Israel itself; you'd really think, reading this, that the years leading up to the creation of the Jewish state were, in fact, a right royal romp in the park. Instead of the Holocaust." Now I mean - that is just, historically, so plain all-out incontrovertibly INCORRECT it barely deserves comment. I dont kow who it insults more - the (LONG pre Holocaust) dispossessed Palestinians, or the Zionist founders. And again - historially - it makes it sound that "Israel" just popped up one day, liek a flower, in a featureless idyll place...

It's alright to 'argue' or 'discourse' using a series of poses when youre a pop writer and it hurts no one - but it becomes shaneful when you are preening and posing on the corpses of others. (Israeli AND Palestnian/Lebanese. It doesnt seem to occur to her that such "pro" Israeli sentiments are a bit like being "pro" a wife beater jsut because, ah, you know, he *means well*, it just comes out wrong, but if you knew him like *I* do... etc. )

I actually gave up, finally, on JB, after a Guardian Weekend comment piece (ostensibly) about 'Israel/Palestine' - which ended up being aboout how Felicity Kendall went after Tom Stoppard beause he was such a big sexy Jew or something.
And the fact that she herself cannot perceive how such comments, in themselves, are actually profoundly anti-Semitic (of an order with 'i love black people - theyre such big dicked, hot dancin renogades!') , may be the saddest thing of all. How does Kendall feel, seeing her name in print, linked to such garbage? The complexity of life reduced to crass, sub-par hack stereotype?

The 'big dick thing' isnt coincidental, btw. In Julie's world the only Jews that count are big sexy Jewish men. I said something to her once about my last 2 or 3 girlfriends being Jewish - and her reply *really* wasn't Semite friendly, believe me.

(Likewise, the only good lesbian is a lipsstick lesbian, etc. ALl the rst are appalling hairy dungaree wearers.)

I *suspect* it's a father-figure thing, but when your idea of a "good" father figure is Joseph Stalin (that famed friend to Jews), or Ariel Sharon - there probably isnt enough good Jewish psycho-analysis in the world to help you out.
cinderella sweeping up on desolation row
maybe burchill is actually polymorphously perverse. its pretty common, really. besides having (suffering from?) the faux-plath aspect of mythologising/fetishing her Big Invisible Daddy. she should fuck george galloway, she seems besotted with him. burchill strikes me as someone who would fuck a horse-fly if it gave her a scrap of attention - like morrissey if he was in possession of genitals.
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