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TRIVA (contd)

I was never persauded by Nelly Furtado, and remained unimpressed and completely unconvinced by the cynical seeming hip hop 're invention' of "Maneater".

But the new one, "Promiscuous Girl" - WOW! What a brilliant, perfect single...

Can't make my mind up about the new Kelis: song, video, OR haircut.

As for the Fergie single ... the video takes uber-tacky bling/stipper "eroticism" to depths that might actually make Peter Stringfellow or the Ghost of Benny Hill blanche. No denying, however - unfortunately - that the song itself has a chorus that's pure musical crack: it hits the brain like a Timbaland remix of that 'Just get on to Sheila's Wheels!' advert...

((Even more perplexing, tho', is this Robbie Williams thing I saw, "Rudebox", which I presume is his new 45 (?): try and imagine Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback", but with JT channeling Norman Wisdom, not late 70s Bowie. Am I now so far outside the generational remit of popular culture that I'm missing the cues? Because I really don't get this. Is it meant to be a joke? And if it is, then why isn't it in the least bit funny? In an era gone by, this is the sort of piss take of 'hip hop' (I put scare quotes around 'hip hop', because Williams' notion of it seems to be about 20 years out) that Charlie Drake might have essayed; but Drake would have made sure it was funny. Altho maybe the real object of satire here is Williams himself, and this is one more installment of his 'aw shucks, I'm just an ordinary Joe' schtick... Williams doing a "Wurzels" on Timberlake's sex god status, and having a big wink (at us) into the bargain. Sort of thing that would make a passable "B" side, but inexplicable otherwise.... oh, god: I definitely watched too much music video TV today. Psycho-analysing Robbie Wiliams? I'm going cold turkey for a few days, or at least just stick to the History Channel...))

(BTW: still can't make my mind up about "Sexy Back".)

posted by Ian 8/17/2006 12:45:00 PM

somehow in similar territory -- at least to me
'Sexyback' is excellent, I think, finally resolving my ambivalence about JT in his favour - Timbaland's most psychotic production yet, gibbering with cocaine demons (reminiscent of 'Tricky Kid') ....

The Sun, no less, declared 'Rudebox' to be the worst single ever released by a major artist .... Heard Williams on Radio 2 last week sounding very upset... no sign that he thought it was any sort of joke... but that isn't stopping me laughing

but if the gurning twat's Stoke on coke rap version of 'Do the Bartman' proves anything, it's that he's definitvely given up on cracking America....
The golden boy who left the group in the background! The TV specials! The 'standards' album and the pop disco sequel! The readymade anthems for weddings, christenings and footy scores! The closeted sexual orientation! The ever-ageing loyal fanbase! The complete indifference from the US.
ROBBIE WILLIAMS IS CLIFF RICHARD. I'm sure in twenty years he'll be having 'EL Presidente' at his Carribean retreat and still trying to get his wrinkled haqnds on yet more money ("yeah, but I worked hard for it, right?")...
And Justin Timberlake is Donny Osmond with added double-entendres...
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