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Can I just put in a little advert for some of the THRESHOLD HOUSE re-issues currently on offer?

There's great vertiginous, scrappy stuff on the twilight daze '... and the ambulance died in his arms' live set, ultimate 'dancing in your head' trance induction on LIVE ONE {London}, and sketches of melancholy shape shifting genius on BLACK ANTLERS;

but the one I would really direct everyone's attention to, is the previously limited-edition hard-to-access THE REMOTE VIEWER... a hallucinatory, hurdy-gurdy-led epic which is shimmering sad and stately like a Paul Bowles desert-bound ontological revelation/comedown rewritten by sonic dust daemons. I always thought it was suffused with some kind of genuinely 'post 9/11' awe/terror/fatalism; but regardless, it has to be heard to be believed. It puts most 21st century neo-Folk or Weird Americana to shame, with its visionary sweep, attention to textural detail and dizzying ambition. It has near unbelievable PRESENCE. Modal lightning flash. Black sun. Digital ascension.

Also, if you've never heard latterday COIL, (and are still put off by some kind of abiding memory of early-80s Industrial sturm and klang, leather and synth-drum) then please, please, investigae the sublime, variegated, pastoral suites of MOONS MILK 'A' and 'B'.

The voice in silence still speaking still rustling still reaching.
Hear, here.

posted by Ian 9/30/2006 10:58:00 AM

agree entirely... seems v. closely aligned with the new weird stuff.. especially the finnish end (kemialliset ystavat and so on...)

btw i finally did find out where 'ape of naples' came from... though it wasn't as definitive as i'd imagined...
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