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1) Recent screening of wonderful early/mid 70s 'on the road/in the van' documentary (or, if you will, rockumentary) on THE KURSAAL FLYERS.

2) Recent BBC4 documentary evening dedicated to STIFF RECORDS.

3) Recent night I spent in what is apparently one of the trendiest pubs in hardcore fashionable young London: observation therein of fashion, music, mood, singalongs, etc.

4) Various current bands and videos passim; but more particularly E4 documentary on THE ZUTONS, who seem like nice young people and everything, but ...

5) Conclusion. Five hideous words. THE RETURN OF PUB ROCK.

posted by Ian 10/03/2006 01:19:00 PM

trendy pub = boogaloo?
The Streets
Anything to do with Blur (however pretentious and hi-concept)
Lily Allen
Arctic Monkeys
As the Go4 shamelessly ripped off Wilko Johnson, this makes Dr Feelgood a seminal post-punk source and - ooooooh - at least 30 years ahead of their time.
they were the best thing on that doc I thought. IP is right though, I went to this awful 'club' in mayfair last night, Alan Magee and the NME in attendance and we all watched a liverpudlian three piece knocking out skiffle for two hours
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