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I don't know how trustworthy or unbiased THESE TWO posts on the Litvinenko/Gaidar poisonings are, but along with links arising from this latest Rigorous Intuition post, and a previous one, it certainly does give pause for thought and leads to follow.

It does seem odd, or way too much of a 'coincidence', at the very least, that the whole story of this NEW EXTRADITION TREATY between Russia and the United Kingdom HAS been downplayed, or sidelined, and not mentioned in any of the mainstream reports on Litvinenko's death and Gaidar's "unnatural ... illness". I sure didn't know about the treaty, did you?

I just read the latest Conspiracy Theory: apparently Putin-controlled newspapers in Russia are claiming that "British PR men ordered the sacrifice of Litvinenko to make a noise." They name their prime suspect for the killing as ... Thatcherite golden boy and PR wizard (Sir) Tim Bell (in league with oligarch-in-exile Boris Berezovsky)!!!
Another theory forwarded by the same Putin-friendly publications is that, in fact, Litvinenko KILLED HIMSELF for the same Putin-defaming reason! (I remember with fondness, now, a conspiracy site SPOOF I read once that presented convincing evidence that JFK SHOT HIMSELF ...)

posted by Ian 12/02/2006 01:37:00 PM

i don't know why people are being so polite over claims that putin and his cronies were behind this. i mean how much evidence to fuckwit westerners need?...that submarine business five years ago, the oligarchs lumpily swanning around london with bucketfuls of cash, all tucked in putin's pocket, the beslan mess, the thousands of russians and former soviet members clamouring to leave for the west...me and my partner were discussing the possibility of creeping totalitarianism in russia again after reading an economist article, it's insidious and looks fairly obvious that's what's happening there. if it's possible to be an evil entity in a moral christian sense, or to have evil intentions, well that describes putin down to a tee. those dead eyes of his...it's a really worrying situation, meanwhile the rest of europe and u.s. have trivial cat-fights over iraq and french spoiled brats complain about not having things handed to them on a plate anymore.
and i'm sure the intelligence services know more than they are letting on -- having had close family relatives in the intelligence services, their reticence is extremely worrying.
oh yeah, and tim bell. include him with my previous statement about the possibility of there being true evil in the world.

oh well, like maggie, he will die a lonely death.

ha ha ha.
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